We are delighted to be showcasing the Research Presentations Day highlights video from our affiliate, the British Federation of Women Graduates.

The video is presented by Ellie Cosgrave, co-founder of Sciencegrrl and a winner of our SpeakOut Giving young women and girls a voice competition. Ellie is now member of NCWGB and part of our Young Ambassador group Read more >

Theresa May, Minister for Women and local MP, at an NCW conference. Many of our branches connect with their local MPs

Aneeta Prem, chair of Freedom Charity, at the NCW conference

Juliet Lyon, NCW competition judge and Director, Prison Reform Trust

Rebecca Stephens, MBE, NCW competition judge and motivational speaker

Intergenerational seminar – listening and discussing

NCWGB President Elsie Leadley with Mary Gaerty, President of Malta NCW at ICW/ ECICW Malta Conference 2014.

Competition winner in the age 13-18 age category, Sofia Grebenkina talking to Panel Chair, Krishnan Guru-Murthy. As part of her prize, she got to ask the first question at the Hansard Society's Young People's Question Time event for Parliament Week.

SpeakOut winner Sofia Grebenkina with competition Judge Maggie Aderin-Pocock at Badminton School where Maggie gave a talk as part of the prize awarded to Sofia as 13 – 18 category winner. Maggie has recently started co-presenting the BBC program “Sky at Night”.