Our policy committees

Our Policy Committees meet regularly to examine key issues and developments across eight different focus areas. Each group produces a range of associated reports and recommendations.


The Arts committee meets three times a year to discuss and debate arts issues, covering everything from architecture, art exhibitions, books and libraries, to music and theatre.

Consumer Affairs

The Consumer Affairs committee aims to represent the voice of the consumer, and ensure that its voice is heard. The group has links with the National Consumer Council (NCC) and is represented on a variety of consumer organisations.


The Education committee aims to raise awareness of key educational issues, to discover what lies behind the Government's proposed educational reforms, to facilitate wider discussion about educational issues, and to offer well-informed responses to Government consultations.

Foreign Affairs

The Foreign Affairs committee maintains a watching brief on international developments of concern to women, and keeps NCWGB members informed of work to improve conditions for women and children worldwide.


The Health committee covers a flexible and wide-ranging agenda of issues relating to health. It particularly (though not exclusively) focuses on women's healthcare. It holds an annual seminar - jointly with Birmingham City University - to explore health issues which student nurses and social workers may come across in their training and practice. The Health committee keeps an eagle eye on Government Health Department changes where women may be affected.


The Media committee looks at the role and influence of the media and Information and Communications Technologies, and covers issues including advertising, broadcasting, film and video, new technologies, Parliament and the Press.

Science and Technology

Members of the Science and Technology committee discuss and report on a wide variety of topics of interest, such as food, agriculture and farming, the environment, parliamentary matters, the media coverage of science topics, and transport. The group actively responds to Government consultation documents on these issues.

Social and Employment

The Social and Employment committee looks at problems which arise as a result of changing lifestyles. Current focus areas include: women’s equality in employment; ageism; women as carers; violence against women and children; online pornography; poverty; ‘loan sharks’; older women’s issues; women in prison; life long learning.

ICWGB Committee

This Standing Committee of NCWGB works on international issues affecting women and girls, and co-ordinates our work on policy with that of the International Council of Women and the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

“I have become an active member of my branch, helping in various roles, as well as joining in the work of the Health Policy committee, which has become particularly interesting in view of the recent changes being undertaken in the NHS. My involvement with this committee has certainly helped me to have a better understanding of the problems and the work needed to overcome them.”

– Jan Hurst